The Vilna Shul wanted to put itself on the map.

Boston's Center of Jewish Culture, the Vilna Shul, needed to raise awareness of their beautiful old synagogue on Beacon Hill and its place in history. Although they inherited an exhibition from the Bostonian Society, it was far too small for the space they had available. They wanted their exhibition to tell a bigger story about the Boston Jewish experience.
   The Vilna Shul asked us to design fourteen new panels including two large city maps.  For the first, we over-laid a present day aerial photo of the city with a 1900’s map and 1940's photographs by Jules Aaron. For the second, we designed an interactive map showing the exodus of Jewish families from the city to the suburbs encouraging visitors to pinpoint their homes.
   To incorporate the four original panels that contained historic objects, we matched the colors, typefaces and some graphic elements and created 3-dimensional banners to cover old titles.

Reconnect to the Tapestry now attracts visitors from around the world.

The best way I know for visual dreams to become reality is to talk to Babs at Trillium Studios. For eight years it worked for me and the Vilna Shul.
— Steven Greenberg, Executive Director, The Vilna Shul
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