Designing a CD for The Kevin Burgess Project

Singer, songwriter Kevin Burgess came to us asking for a straightforward portrait and some design assistance for the jacket of his new CD to be called The Real Place. During our meeting, Kevin took a liking to some of Babs’ box constructions that were hanging in our studio and asked if we could make something like it for his cover.  We sat down at our big table and began sketching ideas.
    Kevin wanted a cover to represent his feelings of being out of control for a time in his life and eventually landing in a better place. He is a multi-talented musician and wanted to show some of the many instruments he plays. It seemed a lot to ask of a little CD cover but an idea about “falling” emerged. Before long we were turning to our Photoshop guru, Rick Kyle, to help us drop Kevin into a wooden box.
    Babs found a CD cover manufacturers that could do the specific cutting and folding we needed without incurring extra cost. Her design for the piece required careful planning of the photo sessions so that everything would fit neatly around the folds.


Shoot One: Cary built a small set and photographed two old wooden boxes, doll chairs, and an antique alphabet block. He designed the lighting for the miniature set in a way that we could easily repeat at full scale.

Shoot Two: We replicated one of the boxes in cardboard making it large enough for Kevin to fit inside. Cary matched the lighting from the first shoot and turned the whole set on its side so Kevin could lie on the floor pretending to fall. He photographed the musical instruments in the same box.

Shoot Three: For the final session, we built a full size box from hollow-core doors and Kevin sat inside playing his guitar.  Again, Cary lit the set to duplicate the original.

Next, Rick Kyle lifted Kevin off of the temporary backgrounds and dropped him into the little wooden boxes on to the doll chair. Babs went to work on the final design and type treatments for the cover, the interior, the booklet inside and the CD disk.  The finished piece serves nicely as a poster.

Client: Kevin Burgess
Art Direction: Babs Wolinsky

Photography: Cary Wolinsky
Graphic Design:  Babs Wolinsky
Photo Compositing: Rick Kyle, 5000K