Canon Brochure Layout 4a3.jpg

Canon had a deadline problem.

Their design group had failed to produce a dazzling booklet that would show off all the amazing qualities of their new ImagePress digital printer.
    With two weeks remaining before the printer arrived in the US for its debut at a Chicago trade show, they called Trillium Studios.  “Could we photograph and design a booklet, posters, and postcards to be printed on the new printer?”  Of course!
    We sat down with Tom Robotham, Creative Director, and Scott Thorburn, the Canon representative, to brainstorm a photographic theme that could show the daunting list of color printing and binding qualities of this revolutionary printer. 

Here is a sample of what they wanted our images to show:  High and low key imagery, memory colors, skin tones, food, fashion, shadows, rich blacks, solid color blocks, faces, front to back registration, trapping, Pantone colors, gradient fills, and much more.
    We chose to use the cycle of the day—DAWN, DAY, TWILIGHT and NIGHT, to get the range of tonality that was needed here.

In the first week we built the sets, created the costumes and shot all the exterior backgrounds. In the second week we came back to the studio to shoot the four models, combining the images while the booklet and posters were being written and designed.
    We shot the photo representing DAWN to showcase the ability of the printer to hold neutral colors across wide areas. The DAY photograph demonstrates that the printer will render common, recognizable colors in a way that is pleasing and “right."  TWILIGHT shows how well it renders highlights and NIGHT does the same with shadow detail.

The folks at Canon were thrilled with the images and the design and reported that it was their most requested printed piece ever.  Visitors were picking through the trash to take home extra samples.

Client: Canon
Concept & Creative Director:
Tom Robotham, D.P.
Models: Charlie Anstett, Kara Delahunt, William Budris, Babs Wolinsky
Photography: Cary Wolinsky
Art Director: Babs Wolinsky
Photo Illustration: Jen Christiansen
Costume Design: Marie Brown
Costumes: Amber Czapranski
Game Board Design: Kelly Casilio